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Great Day” Friday 04/12/2024*

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The Chapel Quotes

Sin is the spirit in every one of us that wants us to be in charge of our own life, a spirit of independence and rebellion against God. There is a power struggle, we want to be God of our own life. Have we moved from salvation by works to salvation by grace? Do you live with a daily deep gratitude toward Jesus for what He has done for you? God’s goal for our life is not simply that we go to heaven when we die but to transform us into the image of His Son, to make us more like Jesus in this life in the way that we live and love. God doesn’t just forgive you of your sins, He infuses you with brand new life, and puts in you a new heart that desires to serve God and to live for Him. Have you offered the whole of your life back to Him as a living sacrifice? Surrender is the foundation of the spiritual life, it ‘s the secret of the Christian life. Christ didn’t just come to die for the penalty of your sins, but He came to break the power of sin in your life. True worship isn’t just singing songs, it’s giving your whole life back to God.

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“Christian Stylings In Ivory” by composer-musician Don Krueger

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Devotion 04/07/2024
Our Devotion: “God Provides for Us” is by Nathanael B. Nupanga of West Chicago, Illinois, who studied professional writing at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes?”  Matthew 6:25-26, 31 (NIV)

In my early teen years, my father worked as the academic dean of a seminary called B.E.S.T. in Central African Republic. This seminary forms men and women who are sent into ministry in all French speaking African countries. B.E.S.T. largely depends on donations and funds from overseas, which makes it hard to keep the seminary running. At times, my father would not receive his salary for two months straight, some of the longest months I can remember. During those months I would not receive any allowance from my parents, so I couldn’t go shopping. Sometimes I had to go to school without a lunch or money to buy lunch. However, in the midst of these hard times, not a day went by that my family lacked food. No matter whether we woke in the morning and my dad said he had no money for food that day or if the refrigerator was empty, at lunchtime there would always be food on the table, and the same would happen at dinnertime. God worked in ways beyond our imagination always to provide food for us, which taught us to have faith in Him every day.

PRAYER: God, help me to have faith in you even in the midst of hard times. Heal my unbelief and help me to always hold on to the promise that you have made to provide for me. Amen.

Book Review 04/10/2024
This Book Review is by Carson Jacobs, a Professional Writing Major at Taylor University.

SWIPE RIGHT: The Life-and-Death Power of Sex and Romance 
by Levi Lusko 
Thomas Nelson, PB, 256 pages

Swipe Right is a book full of relationship advice for practically anyone. The only group excluded in this is younger children because the author does discuss the subject of sex in a straight forward manner. One look at its cover or the title may drive adults or individuals who are already married away, but this book offers advice for all. It warns of the danger involved when initiating physical relationships outside of marriage, and just how powerful the forces of love, sex, and romance are. The author offers several alternatives to combat the intrinsic urge for instant gratification and says that: “Now yells louder, but later lasts longer.” This book isn’t just about physical relationship advice, whether current or in the future; it also presents several segments of advice applicable in multiple areas of life. Included in the back is a valuable guide with bullet points that allow the readers easily to find the topic they are looking for.

Regarding the quality of the writing; it’s pleasant and not entirely commonplace. The author uses numerous examples and analogies, making it easier to connect with and understand his ideas. However, the sheer volume of said written images tends to cause slight distractions. The lessons are enjoyable and even sometimes amusing, but the amount crammed into the first few chapters can cause the reader to lose sight of what is actually being discussed. Outside of that one, minor flaw, the overall writing style is fun and brandishes a conversational cadence.

 This book’s guidance and advice comes from a Christian perspective. It is prone to step on more than a few toes, especially about such a sensitive topic, but that doesn’t reduce its worthiness to be read and understood. The wisdom contained within the pages deals quite a mental punch, increasing the book’s readability. It might be the guidebook to developing healthy relationships we’ve all been waiting for. 

The themes explored in this help book are all derived from the Bible and how it can be used to answer difficult relationship questions. At the very least, Lusko uses quantitative data found to aid his perspective from the standpoint of his own Christian beliefs. Therefore, with such a sensitive subject, it would be very easy for this book to provoke anger and indignation rather than thought among certain readers.

Review used by permission of Evangelical Church Library Association (ECLA)

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